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Image Code: 3685

Figure 1 A, Palatal bilateral swelling.

Image published on/in: 2014 Vol.: 80 Ed.: 1 - 15º


Description: Figure 1 A, Palatal bilateral swelling. B, Radiolucent area with expansion of the buccal cortical on the left side, and a canine tooth associated with a radiolucent area on the right side. C, Hypodense areas in the coronal view of computed tomography. An elevation in the left nasal fossa floor is visible. D, Surgical cavities.

Author(s) of the original article: Everton Freitas de Morais1; Jadson Alexandre da Silva Lira1; Rômulo Augusto de Paiva Macedo1; Klaus Steyllon dos Santos1; Cassandra Teixeira Valle Elias2; Maria de Lourdes Silva de Arruda Morais1,3

Title and link to the article: Oral manifestations resulting from chemotherapy in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia


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