The Brazilian Association of Otorrinolaringology - ABORLCCF, founded on November 21, 1978 , is a civil society of scientific character, without lucrative aim, legitimate representative of the professional class of the otorrinolaringologists, that intends to promote the development of the specialty and the scientific, technician, cultural and social exchange among their professionals. It is linked to the Brazilian Medical Association.

The constitutive objectives of ABORLCCF, besides acting, legitimately, the class of the Brazilian otorrinolaringologists, the other following objectives:

  • To promote the teaching and the research in Otorrinolaringology (ENT) in their more several sections, as: otology, otoneurology, pediatric otorrinolaringology, occupational otorrinolaringology, snore and apnea, rinology, stomatopharyngolaringology, ortodontica and traumatic surgeries, aesthetics and rehabilitation of the face, surgery of head and neck and of the skull base, otoneurosurgery, microsurgeries, allergy, Phoniatric diagnosis andtherapeutic, endoscopy and other sections that you come to incorporate ENT and to enlarge your horizons;

  • To care for the respect to the professional ethics and to work for the defense, regulation of the exercise of the specialty;

  • To promote educational campaigns and to hear in the organization of services and campaigns;

  • To congregate the Brazilian otorrinolaringologists and to stimulate their cultural and social relationship;

  • To influence and to have responsibility in the specialists' formation, promoting improvement courses, meetings, Congress, apprenticeships in the country and in the exterior, granting scholarships for research and continuous education, instituting incentive prizes for the ones that if they highlight, participating in the elaboration of the programs of teaching of the specialty in the degree courses and masters degree lactu sensu;

  • To maintain permanent exchange with congenerous institutions;

  • To collaborate with the public powers and other institutions in the doctor-social and education subjects regarding the specialty;

  • To analyze the pertinent subjects to their purposes, establishing the position of ABORLCCF as for the subject in focus;

  • To defend the professional interests of their members;

  • To maintain the periodic of the specialty as official organ of ABORLCCF and an informative bulletin;

  • To cultivate the memory of Brazilian and world ENT, honoring their prominence members.


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