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Year:  1998  Vol. 64   Ed. 6 - ()

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Pages: 598 to 602

An Open Multicenter Study of the Use of Cefprozil for the Treatment of Acute Sinusitis in Children.

Author(s): Shirley Shizue Nagata Pignatari*,
Callil K. Farhat**.

Keywords: cephalosporin, acute sinusitis, cefprozil

In order to validate the efficacy and safety of cefprozil, a second generation oral cephalosporin, active against the two majors pathogens in acute sinusitis - S. pneumoniae, includng strains with intermediate resitance to penicilin, and betalactamase producing strains of H. influenzae-, the authors evaluated the results of the treatment in 191 children, with ages between six months and 12 years. The diagnosis of acute sinusitis was based on a standardized history, physical examination and roentgenograms. Cefprozil was prescribed for 10 days (30 mg/ kg/day B.I.D). The patients were reevaluated at days 4-6 and 10-15 after the first day of treatment. Overall, most of the patients presented good and fast improvement of symptoms. After 10 days of treatment, the improvement or cure was of 97.72% with complete resolution of the symptoms in 78.59% of the patients, Overall, minor adverse reactions were observed in 4.6% of the children (vomit and/or diarrhea). No serious adverse event was reported.






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