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Year:  1998  Vol. 64   Ed. 6 - ()

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Pages: 580 to 588

SSW Test in Children with Neurological Disorders.

Author(s): Viviam Dibi *,
Liliane D. Pereira**.

Keywords: dichotic listening, auditory perception, speech audiornetry

The SSW test ias portuguese is used to evaluate central auditory processing disorders. The airn of this paper is to study the Results of a neurologic disórdered children (N = 13) study group - compared to a control group (N= 26), aging from 8 to 15 years old. Subjects were normal peripheral hearing submitted to a screening and to the SSW test. Results showed low scores statistically significant for the study group ias comparison with the control one ias the quantitative and qualitative analyses. Subjects of the study group who failed into the screening had the worse results. The answers for the test had no connection with the lesíon cite probably because turnors can affect areas reinote frotas the primary lesíon.






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