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Year:  1998  Vol. 64   Ed. 6 - ()

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Pages: 553 to 558

Children Palatine Tonsils Bacteriology: A Comprehensive View.

Author(s): Endo, L. H.* ;
Carvalho D. S*;
Sakano E.**;
Baracat, E. C.*** ;
Reis, M. ***
Moraes de Oliveira, U. ****

Keywords: palatine tonsil, recurreni tonsillitis; microbiology, children

Nowadays palatine tonsils bacteriology is still being studied. In this study we investigate the microflora of children with récurrent tonsillitis (R'I'), without RT (normal children) anel with acure tonsillitis (AT). Swabs of palatine tonsils vaere taken froco 132 normal children (71 ira the winter (W) anel 61 ira the summer (S)), 76 froco children with RT anel 64 from children with AT. We have found a high prevalence of S. viridans ira ala groups. There were seasonal clifferences between the groups S anel W, where ira the former Streptococcus viridans, Neisseria sp anel enterobacteria were more frequent. Neisseriasp anel enterobacteria were found ira higher frequency ira the normal group when cornparing the groups RT anel normal. In the AT group Neisseria sp was more frequent ehan ira the normal group. This study is very important siiice it shows a comprehensive view of the palatine tonsils microbiology, improving swabs interpretation anel decreasing mistakes that may lead us to unnecessaly therapeutics.






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