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Year:  1998  Vol. 64   Ed. 5 - ()

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Pages: 495 to 504

The Noise of Live Pop Music Bands on Loud Speakers.

Author(s): Carlos R. Miranda* ;
Carlos R. Dias**.

Keywords: hearing loss, bands and trios elétricos workers, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), occupational deafness

The audiometric evaluation was conducted in 187 workers of 18 bands and trios elétricos of Salvador, Bahia. The NoiseInduced Hearing Loss (NIHL) prevalence was 40,6%. For each function, the prevalence was: 44,4% in the prompters, 41,2% in the production workers, 40,4% in the musicians, 37,5% in the drivers and 33,3% in the sound operator. The comparison between musicians reveal NIHL prevalence of 57,1% in the bass players, 46,2% in the drummer, 43,3% in the percussionists, 40,0% in the guitarists, 37,5% in the wind instrumentalists, 38,5% in the keyboard players and 23,8% in the vocalists. These results reveal a serious situation and the authors recommend to implement Hearing Consetvation Programs.






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