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2662 - Vol. 64 / Ed 5 / in 1998
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The Noise of Live Pop Music Bands on Loud Speakers.
Carlos R. Miranda* ;
Carlos R. Dias**.

Keywords: hearing loss, bands and trios elétricos workers, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), occupational deafness

Abstract: The audiometric evaluation was conducted in 187 workers of 18 bands and trios elétricos of Salvador, Bahia. The NoiseInduced Hearing Loss (NIHL) prevalence was 40,6%. For each function, the prevalence was: 44,4% in the prompters, 41,2% in the production workers, 40,4% in the musicians, 37,5% in the drivers and 33,3% in the sound operator. The comparison between musicians reveal NIHL prevalence of 57,1% in the bass players, 46,2% in the drummer, 43,3% in the percussionists, 40,0% in the guitarists, 37,5% in the wind instrumentalists, 38,5% in the keyboard players and 23,8% in the vocalists. These results reveal a serious situation and the authors recommend to implement Hearing Consetvation Programs.

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