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Year:  1998  Vol. 64   Ed. 2 - ()

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Pages: 137 to 141

Kastagener's Syndrome: Critical Analysis of a Clinical Case.

Author(s): Ney Penteado de Castro Jr.* ;
Edson Kiyoshi Tacíro **;
Luciane Paula e Silva de Freitas***;
Carlos Kayoshi Takara***;
Yara de Menezes****

Keywords: Kartagener, immotile cilia, chronic sinusitis, bronchiectasy

Kartagener's syndrome is a hereditary and rare disease, with immotile respiratory cilia and situs inversus. Damage of mucociliary transport of the respiratory system occurs, allowing recurrent infections, mostly rhino-sinusitis, pneumonia and bronchiectasys. Control of nasal polyposis and stubborn recurrent rhino-sinusitis is the aim of the otorhinolaryngologist. This paper deals with a clinical case presentation, with discussion and critical analysis of the ancillary tools to approach the Kartagener's syndrome. Ultrastructural changes of respiratory cilia detected by the transmission electronic microscope corroborated on the diagnosis of Kartagener's syndrome. The authors comment about technical difficulties and the rules to follow to malce a correct diagnosis.






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