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Year:  1998  Vol. 64   Ed. 2 - ()

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Pages: 103 to 106

Pollinosis in Medium Plateau Region - RS.

Author(s): Joćo A. T. Kurtz*.

Keywords: pollinosis, hay fever, skin test, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, bronchial asthma

The present work's objective is to evaluate the presence and incidence of pollinosis in Medium Plateau Region - RS. A prick test was fulfilled in 258 patients and the most number cases of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis a grasses pollens with or without brochial asthma, happened in october and november. It was demonstrated with this work that pollinosis is a pathology that is becoming quite frequent in certain regions of souvh Brazil, and the prick test with patient's signs and symptoms is a efficient and practical way of diagnosis of this entity.






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