Portuguese Version

Year:  1994  Vol. 60   Ed. 1 - (16º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 73 to 76

Nasal Paraganglioma - A case report and literature review

Author(s): José Antonio Pinto*,
Alexandre Felippu*,
Luciana Lagatta Benatti*,
Maria Regina Vianna**.

Keywords: Paraganglioma, glomus, chemodectoma, nasal tumor

The extra-adrenal paraganglia constitute a multicentric organ system distribuídd in various parts of the body. Neoplasm ( Paragangliomas) arisingfrom paraganglia are most common in thehead an neck region, mainly in the carotid body the jugular bulb, the middle ear ( glomus timpanicum) and vagus nerve ( glomus vagale). Paraganglioma of the nasal cavity are Tare. The autores present the tenth case of benigo nasal paraganglioma, discuss the literature and the details of this case.






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