Portuguese Version

Year:  1994  Vol. 60   Ed. 1 - (14º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 66 to 68

Sphenoid Sinus Solitary holype with Nasopharynx Extension

Author(s): Antonio Carlos Cedin (1),
Fatima Regina Abreu Alves (2),
Renato Adam Mendonça (3)

Keywords: Sphenoid sinus, nasal polyps

The authors present a case of leftsphenoid sin us solitary polype with nasophatynx extensãn. The patient was a 18 years old white female who showed a prggresive obstruction in the ipsilateral nostril and difficulty in deglution. The case was studied by computed tomography and magnetic resonance anda transphenoidal microsurgety was performed. The tumor was fully removed. This is an important study for its particular it´s sand because it´s notso common. It is also important for the differencial diagnoses when compared with other local pathologies.






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