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Year:  1994  Vol. 60   Ed. 1 - ()

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Pages: 35 to 38

Subglottic Stenosis in Children

Author(s): Josť Carlos S. de Fraga (2),
Aldemir Nogueira (3),
Bruno Carlos Palombini (4)

Keywords: Subglottic stenosis; respiratory endoscopy; laryngoscopy; bronchoscopy

In review of 356 rigid respiratory endoscopy in infancy and children of the Santo Antonio Children's Hospital, from March 1989 to March 1992, it was observed 15 children with subglottic stenosis. The most common clinical manifestations were stridor, difficulty of extubation and repeated laryngitis. Fourteen (93%)patients had a history of intubation before the endoscopy; only one (7%) didn't have this history. In these patients with previous intubation, the most frequent cause for this was inflammatory disease in the airway. The only factor leading to tracheal intubation complication that was associated with subglottic stenosis was the number of intubations: children who had undergone two or more intubations showed significant association with the diagnosis of subglottic stenosis. The treatment given to these children was endoscopic dilatation in 14 (93%) and surgery in one (M).






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