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Year:  1994  Vol. 60   Ed. 1 - ()

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Pages: 19 to 21

Evaluation of the Efectiveness of the Welch Allynr Audioscope 3'm as an Auditive Screening Method.

Author(s): Manoel de Nóbrega(1),
Christiane Ayello(2),
Liliane D. Pereira(3);
Marisa F. de Azevedo(3),
Luiz A. Lopes(4),
Yara Juliano(5);
Neil F. Novo(5),
Fernando J. de Nobrega(6).

Keywords: deafness, hearníng, audiometry

The effective ness of the Welch Allyn Audioscope as an auditive Screening method was evaluated by a multi professional group. Results were compared to those of conventional auditive Screening. 129 children, 3-10 years of age, were evaluated after being divided in 3 groups: A - without middle ear-pathologies (MEP), B - with MEP and C- the sum of those studied. Satisfactoty sensibility and specificity rates were obtained, specially in the 1 KHz frequency, with identification of MEP (91%) and low rate of false negatives (4% in 1 KHz) its the group of children with MEP. The Audioscope 3'm is practical, easy to handle and real It makes it possible to evaluated large number of children in a short time span and its use constitutes all adequate procedure for Screening in Health Care Units, Day Care Centers and Schools.






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