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Year:  2000  Vol. 66   Ed. 3 - (14º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 290 to 293

Sphenoid Sinusitis with Intracranial Extension: Case Report and Review of Literature.

Author(s): Walmir E. P. A. D'Antonio*,
ClŠudio M. E. Ikino*,
Ana R. R. Olim**,
Ronaldo C. Santos Jr.***,
Ossamu Butugan****.

Keywords: sphenoidal sinusitis, complications of sinusitis, intracranial abscess

Sinusitis are entities that rarely risks patient's life, but they can eventually present orbital, bony or even intracranial complications. Relating to these aspects, sphenoidal sinusitis seems to be a very singular pathology. The sphenoid sinus, besides it rarely is the isolate site of an infeccious process, when involved seems to have complications in a great part of the patients. Early diagnosis and effective treatment should be remembered for a better control of morbidity and mortality of sphenoiditis. The authors report a case of sphenoid sinusitis with intracranial complications that had a satisfactory evolution with clinical management.






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