Portuguese Version

Year:  2000  Vol. 66   Ed. 3 - (13º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 285 to 288

Cholesteatoma of External Auditory Canal.

Author(s): Myrian M. D. Secchi*,
Julio Rodrigues**,
Rosemary M. Delegido***,
Cristina M. J. M. Finamore***,
Lara B. Coelho***.

Keywords: cholesteatoma, external auditory canal, otorrhea

The cholesteatoma originating in the external ear canal is a rare finding; it is must commonly seen in elderly. The authors present a young man, with otorrhea on the right side, unilaterally, stenotic external ear canal. Computed tomographic scan confirmed a chronic ear disease. During surgery a bony erosion of the external ear canal was found. The tympanic membrane appeared intact.






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