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Year:  1993  Vol. 59   Ed. 4 - ()

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Pages: 257 to 259

Non auditory effects and psycho-social aspects on the individual exposed to intense noise.

Author(s): Josť Seligman*

Keywords: noise-induced hearing loss, industrial psychology

Although it may not be easy to relate non auditory symptoms to noise, many authors say that the NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss), besides producing alterations in the inner ear, cause non auditory symptomatology as well, and these are of various degrees of intensity and of different features. The alterations also interfere in the psycho-social aspects of the individual's life. A better knowledge and a deeper correlation is needed to demarcate with more accuracy the presence of these alterations in individuals exposed to intense noise. The Author presents a bibliographical reserch on symptomatology, propose a didatic ordering and presents a personal contribuition mentioning sixty-eight cases of patients with NIHL, using them to demonstrate the constant presence of non auditory symptoms.






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