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Year:  1996  Vol. 62   Ed. 3 - ()

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Pages: 230 to 240

The Clinical Application of 1000 Hz Filtered Click and its Importance in the Auditory Brainstem Response in Sensory-neural Impaired Patients.

Author(s): Alessandra C. Celani*,
Orozimbo Alves Costa*

Keywords: Brainstem electric response audiometry (BERA), medium and high frequency hearing loss, click, 1 KHz filtered click

The authors carried out a study of the clinic use of the click and of the 1 KHz filtered click to obtain the item auditory evoked potentials with 10 subjects with normal hearingand 17 subjects with different kinds of medium and high frequency hearing loss. The study was carried out through ipsilateral stimulation with click and with 1 KHz filtered click and time recording of latency waves I, III and V and of interpeaks I-III, III-V, and IV. The use of medium and high frequency hearing loss showed considerable increase in waves and interpeaks attainment in relation to the use of the click.






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