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Year:  1995  Vol. 61   Ed. 4 - ()

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Pages: 264 to 268

Adquired Laryngeal Stenosis: Study in Adults.

Author(s): José Renato Roxo Guimarães*,
Luiz Ubirajara Sennes**,
Isabel Pereira Soares****,
José Roberto Parisi Jurado***,
João Roberto Ruocco***.

Keywords: Laryngeal stenosis, prolonged endolaryngeal intubation

This study reviewed the etiology and the evolution of patients with laryngeal stenosis. We analyzed 43 patients with this pathology, that indergone surgical treatment in our Service in the last 10 years. Males were 60,5%, and the average age was 31.76 years. The most frequent etiology was the injury for prolonged endolaryngeal intubation (48.8%). Combined laryngeal and tracheal stenosis were present in 20.9% of the cases. The glottic stenosis was the most frequent lesion in patients with isolated laryngeal disease (47.0%). The Rethi surgery was the most effective procedure in our experience. The surgical successful rate was 64.8%. Thirty-eight patients had a previous tracheotomy and 65.7% of them had it closed after the surgery. The sequelae of the artificial ventilatory support still is the main cause of airway stenosis service and its treatment frequently requires more Man one surgery to satisfactory results.






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