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Year:  1995  Vol. 61   Ed. 3 - ()

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Pages: 193 to 201

Tympanoplasty in the Radical Mastoid Cavity.

Author(s): J. Evandro P. de Aquino*,
Nelson Alvares Cruz**,
Nelson Alvares Cruz Filho***.

Keywords: Tympanoplasty, radical mastoidectomy, petite caisse, mastoid cavity rehabilitation

The authors analyze the anatomical and functional results obtained from 42 surgeries of tympanoplasty in radical mastoid cavity followed during the period of 1982 to 1988, when they always perform surgery of the reconstruction of the radical cavity in on two or more surgical times. They chose the technic of the "petite caisse" described by M. Portmann e rol. (1975)10 to the reconstruction of the middle ear. In the study, they show that this technic permits the reconstruction of the radical cavity, it can reach an anatomical ear next to a normal ear, and the attainment of a good functional result.






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