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Year:  1997  Vol. 63   Ed. 3 - ()

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Pages: 254 to 260

Paradigm of Simultaneous Procedure of Speech in the Central and Peripheral Auditory Discrimination.

Author(s): Antonio Maria Claret Marra de Aquino*
Josť Antonio Apparecido de Oliveira**
Norberto G. Cairasco***
Thomas Josť Marra de Aquino****

Keywords: central deafness, aphasia, vocal discrimination, speech audiometry, hearing loss

For better understanding of the speech's auditory discrimination, 16 patients with brain stem or tempo lobe lesions were submitted to peripheral auditory tests, including maximum vocal discrimination, and speech's evaluation. When compared with a standard group composed of 50 normal subjects, only 5 patients with temporal lobe lesions had bad performance for the vocal discrimination. There weren't statistic correlation between abnormal monossyllabical and vocal discrimination concomitancy of different peripheral patologies. The interpretation of these results suggest that the phonemas's auditory image represented by the monosyllable has great part of it's discrimination at peripheral part and a performance for this test, even in central auditory sys (CAS) lesions, except in the Broca's aphasia, that can mean concomitant peripheral pathways alterations.






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