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Year:  1997  Vol. 63   Ed. 3 - ()

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Pages: 239 to 241

Aural Polyps - Report of 26 Cases.

Author(s): Jorge Henrique Arraes de Alencar Pierre*

Keywords: ear, polyps

The endaural polyps are usually associated to chronic otitis media. We studied 26 patients who had endaural polyps and underwent surgery, from march 1992 to march 1996, to analyse how frequent is cholesteatoma in this cases. Sixteen had cholesteatoma (61.6 percent) and-ten had chronic otitis media without cholesteatoma (38.4 percent). Of the 22 patients who underwent a definitive operation on a first time, 16 undewent a modified radical mastoidectomy and 6 underwent a tympanoplasty. Four patients were operated on a second time, because there were no good conditions in the middle ear to go on a tympanoplasty.






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