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Year:  1999  Vol. 65   Ed. 4 - ()

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Pages: 326 to 330

Use of Sodic Fluorescein in the Endoscopic Treatment of Rhynogenic Cerebrospinal Fluid Fistula.

Author(s): Ríchard L. Voegles*;
Patrícia P. Santoro** ;
Ítalo R. T. Medeiros** ,
Ossamu Butugan ***

Keywords: CSF leak, sodic fluorescein, diagnosis, endonasal endoscopic surgery

Introduction: The main causes of CSF leak include: traumatic, iatrogenic and spontaneous. The development of the endonasal endoscopic techniques for CSF leak, associated with the use intratecal sodic fluorescein in the diagnosis and in the intraoperative control of the CSF leak has allowed excellent results without the disadvantages of the intracranial acesss. Material and Method: We present our experience with 22 cases of CSF leak diagnosed with the use of sodic fluorescein and treated with endonasal endoscopic surgery. Results: In all patients the CSF leak closure was achieved. The use of sodic fluorescein provided a precise diagnosis and localization of the CSF leak. Conclusion: In our experience, the association of endonasal endoscopic surgery with sodic fluorescein proved to be an excellent option in the treatment of CSF leaks.






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