Portuguese Version

Year:  1999  Vol. 65   Ed. 2 - (11º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 181 to 184

Jugular Venous Ectasia in Child. Case Report and Review of the Literature.

Author(s): Jorge Roig Ocampos*,
Lidio Granato**,
Flávio Padula***.

Keywords: dilatation, jugular veins

The autoors present an uncommum case of fusiforin ectasia of internal jugular vero in a 8 year-old child. The clinical findings were enlargement of the right side neck during straining and V alsalva rnanoever. The patient was evaluated by ultrasonograpic image and by computer tomography scanning and magnetic resonance imaging. The patient was followed for 5 years with no further complains.






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