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Jose Eugenio Rezende de Barbosa - 1913-2004

Author(s): Henrique Olival Costa

Our journal is 70 years old. In its first editorial we can find the words that paved the ethical and practical foundations that have been followed by all those that took the journey to build the distinguished journal we currently have:

Upon launching "Revista Oto-Laryngologica de S. Paulo", we are going to bridge the gap that has existed for many years in the Brazilian medical area, which is not justifiable at all considering the great advance and development that ENT has experienced among us. Brazil, the pioneer country of South American continent, could no longer do without this important scientific showcase of its domestic talents. Is it necessary to present a rationale to create a periodical that comprises articles and studies of the many Brazilian specialists to be shared with other colleagues and physicians in general? This rationale is dispensable. All colleagues in the specialty and all those dedicated to the study of medicine in related areas are eager for a publication that is characteristically different and in which ENT topics can be treated in details, communicated accordingly and appropriately selected. We are positive that such eagerness will be compensated by the efforts endeavored to prepare this first issue of Revista Oto-Laryngologica de S. Paulo. The title by no means, as may be stated by the evil minded, intends to self-praise, but rather to follow the sequence of other specialized journals already in circulation, which have similar structure and also serve to identify its origin. Thus, this journal does not belong to Sao Paulo, but to Brazil and all Brazilian specialists that want to collaborate with it. We urge Brazilian ENT physicians to provide their support, since it is the first publication in the area in the country and, as such, should be encouraged to properly represent the advancement of the specialty in the country. Collaborators will be all colleagues that want to honor us with the submission of their studies. They shall be published according to order of receiving and availability, provided that they comply with the defined professional ethical principles. In addition to original articles, it shall comprise the following sections:

Clinical Notes
Progress of ENT - Bibliographical review
Scientific associations
Journal of the Journals, Miscellaneous

The purpose of each one of the sections is to bring to our specialists constant update on our area. Not everyone has enough time to read everything that is written on ENT, but each one can willingly write down the interesting news they have read and remember that Revista Oto-Laryngologica de S. Paulo will gladly publish anything that may be useful to the medical community. Selfishness and knowledge are not compatible. We should provide to our patients everything that can be learned in our profession, anything that can ultimately benefit them. The best way to do it is to communicate the results of our daily observations.

Revista Oto-Laryngologica de S. Paulo is looking forward to receiving the collaborations from Brazilian Otorhinolaryngologists.

The Editors
Sao Paulo, January 1933.

In the year that our publication celebrates its anniversary, we have lost one of the physicians responsible for its foundation, installation and permanent success. One of the main ENT physicians in the country, Jose Eugenio Rezende de Barbosa was the secretary of the journal under the management of Mario Ottoni de Rezende and Homero Cordeiro for 17 years before taking on the role of editor in 1950. He was the main editor of the journal for 14 years. At the time, he shared his dedication to the journal with the position of Faculty Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Santa Casa de Sao Paulo, where he remained from 1953 to 1969. He made history owing to his didactic spirit and encyclopedic knowledge. Enthusiast of scientific methodology and clinical logical reasoning, he was an important advocator of the expansion of scientific medical research, actively participating in the effective profissionalization of academic activities in Otorhinolaryngology in Brazil. He had close contact with the main international professors of ENT of his own time, being a pioneer in many ENT diagnostic and surgical procedures in Brazil. His pupils were spread all over the main medical schools in Brazil, acting as continuous communicators of his wise teachings.

We would like to pay homage to the man, physician, professor, mentor and, above all, friend Jose Eugenio de Barbosa. His role model will be followed by all of those that one day had the chance of being touched by his light.

Henrique Olival Costa





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