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Year:  1998  Vol. 64   Ed. 6 - (14º)

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Pages: 644 to 646

Acute Respiratory Insufficience and Reinke's Edema.

Author(s): Gerson S. Maahs *
Silvia C. B. Alves** ;
Christinane. Kindermann***,
Rômulo H. Marques****.

Keywords: vocal cords, laryngeal discares, laryngeal edema, respiratory Insufficiency

The Reinke's edema lias been object of sinais attention in the medicai literature. lt's an edernatous fluid accumulates in potencial submucosalvocal folds. We a benign condition, that lias the disphonia as the main indication and the complications are uncommon. The autoors present one case of Reinke's edema and upper respiratory infection with laryngitis, that developed respiratory insufficience as complication. This text reports a Reinke's edema complication and a literature review about this patology.






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