Portuguese Version

Year:  1992  Vol. 58   Ed. 4 - (12º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 294 to 297

Laryngeal syngamosis: Two-case presentation.

Author(s): Paulo Pontes*,
Maria Emilia Gadelha**,
Luiz Carlos Gregório***,
Maria Behlau***,
Nédio Steffen****

Keywords: larynx, nematoda, parasites

Infestations in humans by members of the family Syngamidae is relatively rare, and probably occurs by accidental ingestion. In had been associated to one species, Syngamus laryngeus. Members of this genus are indigenous to the tropical and subtropical areas of the world and generally just one couple is found in humans, being the male attached to the copulatory bursa located in the second quarter of the female body, giving a Y-shaped characteristic appearance. Two cases are presented in wich the patients had a complaint of a scratchy throat along with a non-productive cough sensation of foreign body and mild disphonia. The laryngeal examination in both patients disclosed a red Y-shaped filamentous live worm. Both couples were removed with regular biopsy forceps, under general anestesia. All symptoms disappeared after this procedure. Syngamosis is an uncommon cause of chronic dry cough, wich must be considered in patients that live in or travelled to tropical and subtropical areas.






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