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Year:  1992  Vol. 58   Ed. 4 - ()

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Pages: 269 to 271

Broncoscopy: Ten year review in emergency hospital.

Author(s): Aírton Mafinsky*,
Manja Maria Pignataro Nicolini**,
Minam Marques Mason***

Keywords: bronchoscopy, emergency treatment.

This study is retrospective review of 98 broncoscopies in a period of ]0 years. The presence of a foreign body (FB) in the airwy must always be suspected when there is coughing wheezing, decreased breath souds and cyanosis in children. The period of life more susceptible is from zero to 2 years old The seeds were the FB more frequenfy found. Broncoscopy is tire treatment of choice, with a high incidence of success and with few and no serious complications.






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