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Year:  1992  Vol. 58   Ed. 2 - ()

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Pages: 120 to 123

Audiometric and radiological findings in patients with otorragia after head injury.

Author(s): Priscila Bogar*,
Signe Schuster**,
Ana Helena Chagas Ramos**,
Maria Elizabete B. Pedalini***,
Flávio M. Padula****,
Ricardo F. Bento*****

Keywords: temporal bone, injury, cerebrospinal otorrhea

The authors studied patients with bleeding from the ear canal after head injury, seem between july of 90 to july of 91. Hearing loss was refered in 69,5% of the patients, and dizness in 59%. The most frequent otoscopical finding was ear canal laceration, associated or not with hemotympanum. The audiogram showed anacusia in 8,3% gap in 20,8%, and mixed hearing loss in 20,8%. The CT scan reveled fractures in 62,5 % of the patients The authors conclued that the clinical history, fisical and audiologic exams were necessary and suficients for patient's management. The radiological exam did not show pratical utilization in treatment management.






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