Portuguese Version

Year:  1998  Vol. 64   Ed. 2 - (12º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 177 to 180

Cervical Osteophytes An Unusual of Vocal Fold Palsy.

Author(s): Pinho, M. M*,
Alonso, V. M. O*.

Keywords: osteophytosis, vocal cord paralysis

The authors present a case of cervical osteophytosis with compression and deviation of the laringeal cartilaginoss frame, associated to palsy in a eldery pacient. A retrospective review of literature shows that frequently the cervical osteophytes are asynptomatic, dysphagia was rarely documented, but very few cases reporting palsy of the vocal folds associated with respiratory obstruction. synptomatology, respiratory obstruction mecanisms, diagnostic methods, differential diagnosis and treatment are discussed.






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