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Year:  1994  Vol. 60   Ed. 1 - (13º)

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Pages: 63 to 65

Intracranial Complicafons of Sinusits

Author(s): (2) Rogério Leão Bensadon,
(2) Richard Louis Voegels,
(2) Roberto Zanovello Ognibene,
(3) Ossamu Butugan.

Keywords: sinusitis, brain abscess, meningitis

From July 1987 to December 1992, 8 patients presented to our service with intracranial complications from sinusitis. In this report we will analyze our clinical material with emphasis on the complication, clinical presentation, radiographic finding sand treatment. 7 hemostcommon complicates in this group was intracanial abscess (50% ), followed by subdural abscess (25% ),meningites (25% ) and epidural abscess (12,5%). 7hhere was a prevalence in the appearance of these complications in the second decade of life (62,5%n )and mole patients ( 62,5% ).The main complaints were fever (100% ), headache ( 75% ), periorbital edema ( 75% )and rhinorrhea (62,5% ). 71te most frequent radiographic finding was pan sinusites (87,5% ). All patient received intravenous antibiotictherapy andsutgical procedures were performed in 7 patients (87,5% ). The se procedures included EN7'and neurosutgical procedures. All patients had a good outcome. We emphasize the importance of romputed tomography and magnetic resonance image in the diagnoses of these complications.






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