Portuguese Version

Year:  2000  Vol. 66   Ed. 3 - (10º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 267 to 270

Lipoma of the Larynx. A case Report and Literature Rewiew.

Author(s): Fernando Cervantes*,
Pedro P. Cintra*,
Eduardo Cervantes**,
Gustavo P. Ferreira**,
Josť A. Pinto***.

Keywords: lipoma, larynx, microsurgery

Lipoma of the larynx are very rare benign laryngeal tumors (0,6%). Less than 901aryngeal lipoma have been described in the literature. The authors present a case of laryngeal lipoma localized in the supraglottic region in a male patient complaining of dyspnea in decubitus, choking and foreign body sensation in the throat. They emphasize the diagnostic method and the successfull microsurgical treatment.






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