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Year:  2000  Vol. 66   Ed. 3 - ()

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Pages: 225 to 230

The Endogenous Potential on the Atention Disturbs and Auditory Memory

Author(s): Antônio M. C. M. Aquino*,
Renata Bardão**,
Márcia M. Barbosa**,
José F. Colafemina***,
Alina S. Gonçalves**,
Valéria M. R. Casagrande-Souza**.

Keywords: attention, memory central auditory processing, electric evoked auditory potential, cortical potential

Central auditory processing disorders (CAPD) are known to cause learning difficulties. Some attempts to improve the objectivity of the evaluation of children with these disorders have emphasized the-use of electrophysiological parameters as complementary means for behavioral tests in CAPD. Although both medium and long-latency evoked auditory potentials nave proved to be useful in these evaluations, long-latency potential have been found to be more promising compared to processing activities with the involvement of cortical functions. Endogenous long-latency potential (P300) was evaluated in 14 children, 11 of the normal (control) and three with learning difficulties, in parallel to the application of subjective tests of central processing. The combination of the two methods permitted a more precise diagnoses of short-term memory and attention in the three individuals with school learning difficulties. Electrophysiological tests (P300) were found to be more sensitive and nonspecific, whereas behavioral tests were more specific and important for the institution of phonoaudiologic therapy in CAPD.






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