Portuguese Version

Year:  2000  Vol. 66   Ed. 2 - (10º)

Artigo de Revisão

Pages: 155 to 158

Pathogenesis of Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Diabetes Mellitus.

Author(s): Celso Dall'Igna*,
Luiz R. P. Batista**,
Marcelo K. Siqueira**.

Keywords: diabetes mellitus, hearing loss, hair cells, stria vascularis, microangiophaty, spiral ganglion

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the pathophysiology of hearing loss occurring in diabetes mellitus (DM). Methods: Case-control studies, experimentals studies and review articles that have been demonstrated hearing loss in diabetes mellitus was identificated using a MEDLINE research, and included in the study according its methodologic consistence. Results: The studies have been demonstrate the lesions of the inner ear in different locations, varying since microangiophatic lesions until loss of external hair cells, or compromise of spiral ganglion. Conclusions: The evidence suggest the existence of sensorineural damage in diabetes mellitus. Nevertheless, more studies are necessary to elucidate the pathophysiologic mecanisms of lesions. lf the lesions occur in a particular region or reflect a multifactorial condition remains to clear.






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