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Year:  2000  Vol. 66   Ed. 2 - ()

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Pages: 94 to 100

Benign Tumors Parotid Glands: Retrospective Analysis of a Series of 222 Cases.

Author(s): Izandro R. B. Santos*,
Luiz P. Kowalski**.

Keywords: Parotid neoplasins, parotidectomy, parotid, pleomorphic adenoma

A 25-year experience of the Hospital do Cancer with benign parotid tumours surgically treated in a consecutive series of 222 patients has been reviewed, evaluating demographic, clinic and histopathological data as well as results of treatment. The female gender predominated with 126 cases (56,7%). Age ranged from 1 to 80 years old with the highest incidence from 31 to 50 years old (42 patients). Pleomorphic adenoma was the predominant histopathological type observed in 165 (74,3N) cases, followed by Warthin's tumor with 38 (17,1%) cases. Partial parotidectomy with facial nerve preservation was the main and minimal procedure performed. Local recurrences ocurred in 4,8% of the pleomorfic adenomas. Postoperative facial disfunction, Frey's syndrome, seroma, necrosis and infection were observed irk 25,2%, 7,2%, 2,2% and 1,3%, respectively. Radiotherapy was used as postoperative adjuvant treatment in 12 cases. Twelve patients presented other neoplasms during the follow-up period which ranged from 16 days to 234 months. We consider that partial parotidectomy with facial nerve preservation is the minimal surgical procedure to treat benign parotid tumors and facial reanimation must be tried whenever the facial nerve is sacrificed. Radiotherapy must be reserved to- postoperative period after salvage surgery for local recurrences.






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