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Year:  1992  Vol. 58   Ed. 1 - ()

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Pages: 36 to 51

VECTOELECTRONYSTAGMOGRAPHY: Analyses of this acceleration thershold's horizontal, oblique, vertical and rotatory nystagmus through the decrescent rotatory pendular test.

Author(s): Colafêmina, J.F. *
Grellet, M **

Keywords: Vectoelectronystagmography - threshold horizontal, oblique, vertical, rotatory nystagmus. Decrescent rotatory pendular test

In this study we used the decrescent rotatory pendular test to compair the nystagmic responses of the horizontal canal with that of the vertical canal. With the head in different positions we obtained oblique, vertical and rotatory nystagmus We compared the thresholds from one side in relation to the other side. These values were also compared with the responses of the horizontal canals. We observed that the horizontal semicircular canals were more sensitive than the vertical ones.






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