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Year:  1996  Vol. 62   Ed. 6 - ()

Relato de Casos

Pages: 514 to 520

A linphoepithelioma case diagnosed during pregnancy. Malignant nasopharyngeal tumors: Literature review.

Author(s): Rosana Aparecida Giovanetti *,
Sérgio Bittencourt**,
Cláudio Luis Lazzarini**,
Yang T. Chan**,
Sílvio Caldas Neto***,
Ossamu Butugan****.

Keywords: Neoplasms, nasopharynx

The nasopharynx carcinoma are too much rare and they keep a close Mation to the Epstein Barr virus and Burkitt Lymphoma. They are extremely common among the yellow people (just in some regions inhabited by chineses), mainly from forty to fifty years old. Eight fine percent of the whole cases are spindle cells type. The lymphoepithelioma is considered one variety of flat cell type. It can a be found in a very intense lymphoid infíltration on its fibrous stroma. A neoplasm occurred case in a pregnant woman has been reported. It has been submitted to a blood transfusion because of a very intense nasal bleeding and for the neoplasm removal, by a surgical approach. Later on a radiotherapeutic treatment was applied and it has showed a very good evolution through the last six years.






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