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Year:  1996  Vol. 62   Ed. 6 - ()

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Pages: 484 to 490

Mycotic Sinusitis: Diagnostic suspicious and Terapeutic Conduct.

Author(s): Antônio Carlos Cedin*,
Márcia Sayuri Murao**,
Ivan Fairbanks Barbosa***

Keywords: Mycotic Sinusitis, neutropenia

The authors show 4 cases of pacients with mycotic sinusitis with association to diseases that compromises the system imunity and tissue integrity. In 3 cases the patients were porters of haemathologic disease and in one case was diabetes mellitus. By the fact these infections acquire extremely invasive character, extrapolating the sinuses limits, we consider the necessity of a corrett and agile therapeutic condutt in the cases that mycotic sinusitis is suspicious.






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