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Year:  1995  Vol. 61   Ed. 2 - ()

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Pages: 128 to 136

Funcional Nasosinusal Surgery with Endoscope.

Author(s): Mauro Becker Martins Vieira**,
Marco Aurélio Rocha Santos***,
Tarcimara Moreira da Silva***,
Amélio Ferreira Maia*,
Jaime Carlos Ribeiro**.

Keywords: Otorhinolaryngological surgery, endoscopy, paranasal sinus

The new diagnostic and therapeutic advances generated an increased interest for mo re localized and less traumatic surgeries. In the nasosinusal region, these procedures called functional, can be done with the microscope. We prefer the use of the rigid endoscope because of its greater mobility and angled vision making the acesss to all endonasal structures easier. From September 1990 to April 1994, 85 endoscopic nasosinusal surgeries were done in Otolatyngology Service of Hospital Felicio Rocho. The patients were from 5 to 78 years old and the average age was 34, 7 years. Fifty patients were female and thirty five mate. Topic adrenaline were used for vasoconstriction, most of the patients were submitted to general anesthesia and the surgical technic were basically that described by Messerklinger. The results evaluation were done by an independent observer through a previous established questionnaire that included pre and post operative symptoms. A endoscopic nasal examination under local anesthesia were also donein late post-operative time. There were no major complications. Although there are some lactors that make difficult the evaluation of any surgical treatment for paranasal disease, most of our patient had a good results. In conclusion, functional endoscopic surgery represents a advance in the treatment on paranasal disease and better results are based in a greater knowledge of the nasosinusal physiology and physiopathology.






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