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Year:  1995  Vol. 61   Ed. 1 - (11º)

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Pages: 70 to 78

Ciliated Cells Isolated in Culture: A New Model for the Study of Ototoxicity.

Author(s): José Antonio Ap. Oliveira*,
Maria Rossato**,
Wilma Terezinha Anselmo Lima***

Keywords: Cultured cells, ear, drug toxicity

The ototoxicity of Amicacin and the protection of outer ciliated cells (OCC) bygangliosides were stúdied in 3 groups of 8 animals each. Group I was used a control, group I received Amicacin, and group III Amicacin plus gangliosides. Using the method of mechanical isolation of OCC in culture, 179 +- 33 cens per normal guinea pig, their vital characteristisc were found to be preeserued for a period of up to 2 and a half horas. The pattern of vital degeneration was observed and described. Amicacin produced intense lesions. Stalistical analysis showd significant differences between group I and grupps II and III, but the data obtained for groups II e III did not demonstrat a significant effect of gangliosides inprotection again stlhe effects os Amicacin. It was concluded that this technique, utilized for the first time for strtdy of ototoxicity, representsan important, valid simple and tapid model which permits a detailed study of lesion in isolated cells in vitro challenged with ototoxic drugs.






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