Portuguese Version

Year:  1997  Vol. 63   Ed. 4 - (11º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 383 to 386

Cement-Ossifying Giant Fibroma. Case Report Surgical Technique and Literature Review.

Author(s): Francisco Veríssimo de Mello Filho*,
Rui Celso Martins Mamede*,
Benedicto Oscar Colli**,
Antônio Carlos dos Santos***,
Jaime Nakasima****.

Keywords: cement-ossifying fibroma, parapharyngeal tumor, craniofacial surgery

We report a case of cement-ossifying giant fibroma of rare topography which occupied the right parapharyngeal space from the angle of the mandible to the middle cranial fossa. Its; origin in the pterygoid apophysis of the sphenoid bone is demonstrated and discussed. Even though the fibroma occupied this region, its surgical removal was possible through a combined craniocervical approach without producing sequelae for the patient. The authors describe the diagnostic methods employed and the surgical technique adapted and discuss the terminology related tho these tumors.






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