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Year:  1997  Vol. 63   Ed. 3 - ()

Relato de Casos

Pages: 269 to 272

Paraganglioma of the Larynx.

Author(s): Renata Cantisani Di Francesco*
Luiz Ubirajara Sennes**
Domingos Hirosbi Tsuji**
Rui Imamura***
Aroldo Miniti****

Keywords: paraganglioma, larynx

Paragangliomas are benign tumors that arise from the numerous paraganglia located throughout the body, including the larynx. We present a 70 year-old male who complained of hoarseness for an year and of dyspnea for a month. The larynx examination revealed a reddish, lobulated submucous mass with a vascular aspect in the supraglottis. The mass was ressected throught suprahyoid faryngotomy preceeded by tracheostomy under local anesthesia. The histopatologic findings were characteristic of paraganglioma. After a one-year follow-up the patient presents a good voice without sign of recurrence.






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