Portuguese Version

Year:  1999  Vol. 65   Ed. 4 - (10º)

Relato de Casos

Pages: 347 to 352

Lateral Saccular Cyst of Larinx: Surgical Treatment By External Approach.

Author(s): Joćo J. Maniglia*;
Evaldo D. Macedo Filho*;
Cynthia C. S. Nicolau**;
Marcia L. Brotto***;
Ricardo Maniglia****.

Keywords: laryngeal cyst, laryngeal disease, airway obstruction, tracheostomy

Saccular cysts of the larynx are rare lesions that commonly present with respiratory obstruction in children and hoarseness in adults. Traditionally the treatment has been endoscopic, but frequently this modality requires multiple procedures for recurrency. A case of large lateral saccular cyst of larynx is described in this article and an external approach is suggested.






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