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Vol.74 ed.2 de Março - Abril em 2008 (da página 2 à 2)

Autor: Joao F Mellor Jr


 Brazilian Guidelines on Rhinosinusitis

In 1999, Brazlilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Face Surgery published the I Brazilian Consensus on Rhinosinusitis. The document intended to regulate management, diagnosis and treatment of rhinosinusitis.

For the past ten years, medical knowledge about the topic has expanded, which required an updated version. Thanks to the priceless support of colleague Elisabeth Araujo, we have managed to publish this supplement to Brazilian Guidelines on Rhinosinusitis.

The text, prepared by renowned colleagues in the area, provides information about current classification, pathophysiology, etiology and diagnostic and therapeutic methods for acute and chronic rhinosinusitis. Chapters are organized in a clear and didactic fashion, which facilitates reading of a topic in constant change.

Brazil is a country with population and environmental conditions that differ a lot, reason why we needed such guidelines. The chapters portray the opinion of the authors and reading them will certainly meet the expectations of all readers and users.

Joao F Mellor Jr, Editor of RBORL



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