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2689 - Vol. 58 / Ed 2 / in 1992
Section: Relato de Casos Pages: 124 to 129
Elongated styloid process. Report of four cases.
Wilma Terezinha Anselmo-Lima*,
Eduardo Bezzera Rocha**,
Hélio Lúcio Souza Filho***,
Carlos Alberto Rodrigues****,
José Antonio Apparecido de Oliveira*****

Keywords: temporal bone, deglution disorders.

Abstract: The authors present four patients diagnosed as Eagle Syndrome. Of these, only two aceepted surgery, wich confirmed the diagnosis. The objective of this report was to alert otorhinolaryngologists to the possible presence of pathology when patients complain of odynophagia, continuous or worsened by deglutition or of generalized pain in the cervical zone or in the pharynx wich irradiates to the ispilateral ear, or even of a sensation of foreign body in the thoarat. The diagnostic can be confirmed by palpation of a sharp-pointed bony formation in the tonsillar crypt and through radiological examination. The authors discuss the diagnosis difficulty and the route of acesss to the estyloid process after the indication of surgery. The technique employed was the extra-oral procedure which permits excellent acess to the styloid process, absolute control of the surgical site and rapid operation.

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