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2683 - Vol. 58 / Ed 2 / in 1992
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The use of dapsone in the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis.
Ivan Dieb Miziara*;
Mônica Gonclim**;
Arotdo Miniti***

Keywords: mouth diseases, stomatitis aphtous, dapsone

Abstract: The treatment of the oral mucosa lesions has always represented a challenge. We report here effects of dapsone (100 mg a day) in the treatment of Recurrent Aplhtous Ulceration in series of 30 patients for a period of two six months. Eighty three percent (25 out 0f 30) presented good response to the treatment, while only one patient presented methemoglobinemia, wich has been reverted with the drug suspension. We concluded that dapsone is helpful in the control of the RAU and that it is bringing new perspectives in the treatment of the oral diseases.

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