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2660 - Vol. 64 / Ed 5 / in 1998
Section: Artigos Originais Pages: 475 to 480
Recurrent Otitis Media Alergological Aspects.
Cleonice Hirata *;
Luc L. M. Weckx** ,
Daniela Carliní***,
Dirceu Sole ****.

Keywords: recurrent otitis media, alergological

Abstract: In this study we proposed to observe children and the alergological frequency found as possible risk agents which may contribute for the occurrence of the recurrent otitis media (ROM). Seventy severa children with ara age inferior than ten years with ROM were examinated. A control group of eighty eight children was established and for both groups the same questionnary for parents or responsibles was applied. An otorhinolaryngological, audiological and alergological survey was realized for children with ROM and these group showed a major incidente of personal and relatives antecedente of allergy. We obtained a great number of children with lgE levels over the limite considerated normals however skin test presented a very restrictive positivity. Although children with ROM presented personal and relatives positive antecedente and IgE serical ira high levels, the result with specific teste have not demonstrated highest allergy rates than ira normal population.

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