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2270 - Vol. 62 / Ed 6 / in 1996
Section: Relato de Casos Pages: 504 to 512
Acoustic Neuroma - Report of a Nonsurgical Managed Case with 22 Years of Follow-up.
Samir Cahali*,
Islan da Penha Nascimento**,
Michel Burihan Cahali***,
Márcia Maria Ale de Souza****,
Rafael Burihan Cahali*****.

Keywords: Acoustic neuroma, deafness

Abstract: The best approach for the acoustic neuroma is the complete removal of tumor in a single procedure, with the maximum preservation of the neurologic functions. However, in some cases the surgical removal is not indicated. The authors present a case of acoustic neuroma which was not surgically managed and with 22 years of follow-up. The radiologic evaluation of the lesion showed no progression of the tumor. Between the symptoms of the patient - hearing loss and tinnitus -, only the first gradually worsened. The behavior of the tumor in this patient, which is uncommon, leads to the necessity of further discussion about the management of the acoustic neuromas.

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