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2269 - Vol. 62 / Ed 6 / in 1996
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Simultaneous Bilateral Facial and Cocleovestibular Palsy in Lyme Disease.
Sulene Pirana*,
Ricardo Ferreira Bento**,
Priscila Bogar***,
José Alexandre Medicis da Silveira****,
Natalino Hajime Yoshinari*****.

Keywords: Sudden deafness, facial palsy, borreliosis

Abstract: Lyme's Borreliosis is a zoonosis; the main neurologic manifestation is facial palsy. The incidente of this manifestation in other countries is 7 to 20%. The authors report a case of bilateral facial palsy and deafness caused by borrelia in Brazil; this is the first case report with sorologic confirmation . They also discuss the clinical, epidemiologic and sorologic manifestations of Lyme's Borreliosis.

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