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2084 - Vol. 61 / Ed 4 / in 1995
Section: Artigos Originais Pages: 270 to 273
Incidence of "Human Papillomavirus" in Organic Lesions of the Vocal Folds.
Aguinaldo A. Jurema*,
Adonis R L. de Carvalho**

Keywords: Larynx, papilloma viruses

Abstract: Retrospective study of 133 patients submitted to microlaryngoscopic (ML) surgery performed at the Albert Sabin hospital in Recife, PE, during the last five years. After discarding the neoplastic lesions, the congenital and the purely functional ones, 95 cases remained clinically diagnosed as benign organic vocal fold lesions. The pathological reports showed the presence of Human Papillomavirus indicators(1) in 24 specimens of the 95 cases (25.2%).

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