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1526 - Vol. 65 / Ed 4 / in 1999
Section: Artigos Originais Pages: 302 to 306
Septal surgery in children.
José Antônio Patrocínio*.

Keywords: septoplasty, septal deviation, nasal obstruction

Abstract: Introduction: The nasomaxyllary complex development may be disturbed with trauma, surgery or dysfunction. The children septal deviation cause serious physical and intellectual alterations. It should be repaired in any age, even under 18. Material and Method: We avaliated the results in 12 septoplasty in children where we adopted a conservdtive technique preserving the septal cartilage growing zones, resecting four cartilage's strips and doing a bilateral submucopericondral detachment to promote a same growing stimulus to the condrocites. Conclusion: Because the results are better than the tradicional septoplasty technique, we concluded that it is a good method to operate children with septal deviated.

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